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About Us

Since 2003, Dowtop Solid Surface Limited is one of the top manufacturer of artificial stone (solid surface & quartz) products in China. 

Dowtop integrates the material research, production, marketing, processing and installation service of solid surface & quartz. Over the years, Dowtop build a professional sales team and provide first-class service. Customer can find mostly relevant products like kitchen,restaurant bar,office and bathroom, We Dowtop responsible for quality control, shipping and storage.  

To meet the taste life of customer, Dowtop start produce solid surface&Quartz furniture in 2008. It's a hard decision at beginning but we really pride ourselves today. The  durable hygienic furniture is an perfect alternative material of wood furniture, that is equally beautiful,stain resistant, scratch resistant and heat resistant. We can assert that Solid surface&Quartz is the best material choice for modern restaurant, night bar,cafe,hospital,office,airport and other commercial public area. 











 What's we can do?

Dowtop have developed into commercial furniture design company for quartz, solid surfaces and translucent marble. The meanwhile we provide professional fabrication and do OEM ODM service for customers.

Whether your next project is commercial or residential, Dowtop Solid Surface Limited has the expertise to meet your design needs..

Our processing factory covered 15,000 square meters and the furniture factory covered 5,000 square meters. Our 20,000 square meter fabrication facility is located in Huizhou, Guangdong. Just 10 minutes to Huizhou high-speed rail station. 1 hour to Shenzhen,Guangzhou and Hongkong.

Hundreds of employees at the factory warmly welcome you!

 What's Material we use?



Solid Surface Materials are manufactured by combining acrylic resins with a blend of fillers, pigments and catalysts to form sheets that are available in a wide range of colors and patterns designed to mimic the look of natural stone.


Quartz (engineered stone) is made by combining crushed quartz and polyester resins – to create highly polished material that is durable as granite, easy to maintain.


Marble is one of the oldest and most durable building material known to man. The unique and natural beauty of marble make them an unmatched choice for interior and outdoor designs.



Serving the all over the world makes Dowtop Solid Surface Limited your source for custom fabricated solid surface and quartz sheet, office furniture, restaurant counter, nightclub counter, kitchen top and cabinet, bathroom vanities, wall surrounds, booths and more.



  Dowtop company specializes in the production of artificial stone and quartz stone furniture, mainly including bars counter, reception desk, kitchen countertops, dining tables, display cabinets, display stands, wall surfaces, wash basins and other artificial stone related products.


Our company undertakes various projects such as restaurant,hotel, school, specialty store, etc. We welcome plate wholesalers and furniture design companies to contact us at any time!


The artificial stone furniture products of our factory are of high quality, without any pollution and radiation, and can be used in offices, hospitals and banks.


The wooden furniture mainly includes hotel furniture and various commercial furniture such as dining table, dining chair, bar counter, display cabinet, display shelf, office furniture.


Hotel project

Hotel front desk, bar counter, table and chairs, reception area coffee table, display cabinet, display shelf, sofa, sink, wash basin, bathtub, etc.


Restaurant project

Restaurant, fast food restaurant tables and chairs, booked tables, kitchen cabinets.


Specialty store

For your store, we can provide display shelves, display cabinets, materials can be divided into artificial stone, stainless steel, wood with just your drawings or demand information, we can provide you with professional design drawings and discounted prices as well as the best delivery service.


Commercial areas

Commercial use: banks, hospitals, government furniture;

Mainly concentrated in the reception, office furniture;

Tailored to your needs, we only need your drawings or requirements information, we can provide professional design drawings and preferential prices as well as the best delivery service.